PULSAR: Lost Colony Beta 28.1

PULSAR: Lost Colony Beta 28.1Download

Game Overview

Team up to operate an advanced starship and explore a randomized galaxy falling into chaos. Each player assumes a role aboard the ship: Captain, Pilot, Scientist, Weapons Specialist and Engineer. Coordination between your crewmembers will be essential in order to survive the perils that await…

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Developer: Leafy Games
Publisher: Leafy Games

Cracked by: P2P
Release Size: 1.06 GB

System Requirement

OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 1.2 Ghz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 1280×720

OS: Windows 7 or newer
Processor: x86 Quad Core 3.4GHz or greater
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 GPU with 2GB of memory
DirectX: Version 10

PULSAR: Lost Colony Beta 28.1







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